3 rules to follow at midnight
Everyday Comedy

Dear Self: 3 Rules To Follow at Midnight

“Everyday Comedy” is a series on the little things in life that make us laugh.

Dear Self:

3 Rules To Follow at Midnight

  1. Refrain from inspecting the fridge for new or overlooked items.
  2. Don’t buy food that’s $5 or less from the bakery or deli section (you already ate).
  3. Compose all text (e.g., complaints, congrats, emails, or follow-ups) in a note app or on paper. Don’t send.

3 Creative Solutions on How To Follow the Rules Above

  1. Take a photo of the inside of your fridge to keep nearby.
  2. Place a $1 label on two or four food items on your kitchen counter. Shop there first.
  3. Print and tape your last email with typos near your desk.

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