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About Tracy

I’m a writer and the creator of a character called Subbie. I’ve tinkered with blogs and websites since 2000 and I enjoy sharing what I know.

About the Blog

In a nutshell, the Blog contains the useful information and lessons gained in the search to become a professional at work and as a writer. You’ll find life lessons, health and wellness, product reviews, local projects, some humor, and Subbie.

This would be considered a lifestyle blog. I write on various topics:

  • “Observations,” a weekly series on life lessons
  • “On Writing,” a series on resources and techniques I’ve learn
  • “On Improving,” a series on resources on how to move up one step at a time.
  • Reviews (products, books, local)
  • Tech posts on programs and apps
  • “Everyday comedy,” the stuff that happens to make you laugh during the day but no one else sees it.

I also have an online store in the works to share items that I recommend regularly.


  1. Full name, please. Tracy Altheide. I don’t have a middle name.
  2. What do you do? My corporate title is communication specialist; specifically I edit communications from a corporate office to a set of stores. I blog and co-own a business with my husband.
  3. What is this blog for? If I come across or learn of something useful to others, I post it here.
  4. What topics do you cover? Productivity and self-development mostly. Random life lessons. Product and tech reviews on occasion.

Contact Me

  • The best way to say hi – Twitter, Instagram,
  • The best way to keep in touch – my VIP list.
  • Everything else, email me hello(at)tracyaltheide.com


Please email or PO Box 1543, Elgin, IL 60121.