In Search of Wisdom by Joyce Meyer
Book Notes

In Search of Wisdom by Joyce Meyer

Life-Changing Truths in the Book of Proverbs

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This is a notes pages complied of my personal thoughts from the book and quoted material. Effort has been made to give proper credit to the author. I received complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. #Sponsored by FaithWords.

Informal Summary

In Search of Wisdom by Joyce Meyer is a commentary/guide on the 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs. Joyce shares personal examples and brings to light seven foundational principals repeated in Proverbs: wisdom, understanding, prudence, knowledge, discretion, discernment, and the fear of the Lord.

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In Search of Wisdom by Joyce Meyer is a book filled with reflections on the book of Proverbs. Joyce walks you through the 31 chapters sharing her thoughts and personal lessons, and brings to light seven foundational principals repeated in Proverbs: wisdom, understanding, prudence, knowledge, discretion, discernment, and the fear of the Lord.

For reference, Proverbs is a book in the middle of the Bible made of wise sayings and stories. It’s an easier read than other books in the Bible since it deals with practical matters, like seeking wisdom and discipline and avoiding trouble, and has shorter chapters.

In Search of Wisdom is written in Joyce’s kind but direct style. If you’ve watched/heard her teach, some personal stories may sound familiar. Joyce constantly references Bible verses to make her points or clarifications. This is not a “opinion book” but a commentary/guide to help you get more than simply reading Proverbs. Joyce does a fine job of explaining the seven principals and how they can apply to our lives. She also addresses repeated topics, like being careful with our words, with different perspectives and examples. I walked away, understanding each chapter in a more tangible way.

I would recommend Joyce’s book to someone familiar with Proverbs, but has never read it completely. Or to anyone interested in a self-improvement from a Christian perspective. Also, it would complement someone’s daily reading of Proverbs.


Bible, Proverbs, Criticism

Passages and Quotes

  • “I have learned that we often ignore warnings that, if heeded, could save us much trouble.” (page 24)
  • “Our mistake can probably educate us more than most other experiences if we let them.” (page 27)
  • “I often say that it is not what we do right one time that brings God’s reward into our lives, but it is what we do right over and over again”. (page 57)
  • “Every wise decision you make helps override an unwise one you may have made in the past.” (page 58).
  • “Rushing is hard on the physical body, and it contributes to many different physical ailments. It also causes stress.” (page 62)
  • “No one wants to know their paycheck has gone to pay for things they already have before they even get paid. In our society today, most people live on credit. Some may not think there is any other way to live, but wisdom teachers that there is.” (page 65)
  • “Every time we compromise, it becomes easier to compromise again and again—and in more significant ways. If we are note careful, we will soon live a lifestyle filled with compromises.” (page 80)
  • The section titled, Loving Correction, reminds me to not over correct others and to focus instead on accepting and applying appropriate correction I’ve received to my life. (pages 125-127)
  • “People who are skilled in their work will be promoted and serve in high places, not in low places. You, a skill is not something we are merely given; it is something we develop through use over time.” (page 176)
  • [Referencing Proverbs 8:2,3,15,16] “All the of these verses teach us one lesson: Leadership is not only a privilege but it is also a responsibility.” (page 225)

Author Info

Joyce Meyer is an author and a leading practical Bible teacher. Joyce has written over 100 inspirational books. She travels around the world, holding conferences and has a daily broadcast, Enjoying Everyday Life, that airs on hundreds of television networks and radio stations, and her own podcasts.

She currently resides in St. Louis, MO. Her website is

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In Search of Wisdom: Life-Changing Truths in the Book of Proverbs









  • Uses verses to back her points
  • Writing style is kind but direct
  • Accessible but not a quick read


  • Helps if your familiar with Christian concepts
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