Do Life Differently book by Jeff D. Reeter
Book Notes

Do Life Differently by Jeff D. Reeter

A Strategic Path Toward Extraordinary

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This is a notes pages complied of my personal thoughts from the book and quoted material. Effort has been made to give proper credit to the author. I received complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. #Sponsored by FaithWords.

Informal Summary

Do Life Differently captures Jeff D. Reeter’s drive to live with intention. Throughout the book, Jeff share’s his inspirational perspective on the value of all people, his passion to serve, and his strategy to evaluate and plan his life and those he coaches. Through stories and life lessons, Jeff explains his system that integrates his belief, habits, goals, and values into a life by design.

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Do Life Differently by Jeff D. Reeter reads as a mentor sharing his wisdom with a new mentee. Jeff starts the first section with his belief in the value and potential everyone has. It’s this perspective that gives him the drive to serve his clients and associates. He outlines the though-provoking questions he asks himself and others while assessing the past, present and future. Along with life lessons and stories, Jeff shares the system he uses to live by design.

If you’ve never had a mentor, this book provides a good starting point. Note that Jeff does not provide templates, downloads, or additional reference materials; most of the lessons are through stories. Further, you and I must take the initiative and dive into the questions posed and complete the exercises, just like a driven person would if they gained a valuable recommendation in a 30-second chance encounter with a respected leader in an industry.

While the book didn’t have social media cross-promoting, I wanted to know more about Jeff and his leadership style.


Self-development, Personal Growth, Leadership

Passages and Quotes

  • “Plenty of people in this world want to lead. They want to be in charge, simply because they like the idea of having control.” (page 27)
  • Jeff’s quote on page 27 rings a bell! Before we go chasing for another metric of influence (followers, email subscribers, phone numbers and contacts, etc.), we must ask ourselves why? What is the intention?
  • “Notes from my journey” resonate with me on how to recalculate when getting off course. (pages 29-31)
  • “Opportunities evaporate if they are not acted upon.” (page 40)
  • “[Leading yourself] is a triple blessing: You don’t just get the adventure today and make an impact now; you impact lives on the people who knew you. And as they learn to lead themselves to significance, they will pass the know-how and the climbing ropes to other travelers, as Jeff Turner did with my son, and as I trust Chad will do with others one day.” (page 58)
  • “Significance produces staying-power in multiple ways. As you work your way up from survival and learn to navigate the unique challenges of your journey, you gain resilience and expertise. You achieve success, and success produces confidence and self-esteem. The higher you go, the more you learn about yourself as well: what about what, and who, is important to you and why. This is the fuel that sustains your inner fire.” (page 59)
  • “There’s more than on way to get stuck, but the most regretful is when we do it ourselves—the self-made crisis.” (page 99)
  • Jeff starts a new Life Book every year: it’s a journal-type notebook he keeps were he notes the highs and grateful moments of that year. (page 187)

Author Info

Jeff D. Reeter is an author, speaker, strategist, and servant leader focused on organizational leadership, developing teams of champions dedicated to excellence in serving others. He is often heard up and down the halls of his financial firm (Northwestern Mutual Greater Houston) saying, “Seek first to serve, love, care, matter, make a difference and be a catalyst in the life of another person and see if everything else doesn’t work out for you.”

He currently resides in Texas. His book’s website is

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Do Life Differently: A Strategic Path Toward Extraordinary









  • Encouraging
  • Shares where his drive comes from
  • Shares personal stories


  • strategies start later in book

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