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    Get the Free to Focus Bonuses Before April 13

    Note: This offer expired April 13, 2019. Here’s an exciting announcement! If you pre-order Michael Hyatt’s new book Free to Focus today (before April 13), you can get over $498 in nice bonuses. I’ve personally benefited from Michael Hyatt’s teachings on productivity and the Free to Focus system. Because of that, I’m proud to be part of the book launch team. Not sure if the book is for you? Read my notes and initial review and take the Free to Focus Productivity Assessment. The assessment determines your productivity baseline so you have a better idea of how the Free to Focus system can help. https://www.freetofocus.com/assessment. Bonuses Order 1-9 copies, get…

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    Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

    Audiobook • eBook • Printed • Library Catalog This is a notes pages complied of my personal thoughts from the book and quoted material. Effort has been made to give proper credit to the author. Informal Summary Free to Focus takes you from defensive to offense with your tasks and commitments at the office. Further, it makes a strong case why unplugging from work is important and should be intentional. The system is comprised from Michael Hyatt’s years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience.

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