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    Get the Free to Focus Bonuses Before April 13

    Note: This offer expired April 13, 2019. Here’s an exciting announcement! If you pre-order Michael Hyatt’s new book Free to Focus today (before April 13), you can get over $498 in nice bonuses. I’ve personally benefited from Michael Hyatt’s teachings on productivity and the Free to Focus system. Because of that, I’m proud to be part of the book launch team. Not sure if the book is for you? Read my notes and initial review and take the Free to Focus Productivity Assessment. The assessment determines your productivity baseline so you have a better idea of how the Free to Focus system can help. https://www.freetofocus.com/assessment. Bonuses Order 1-9 copies, get…

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  • Headspace_one_small_goal
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    One Small Goal to Restart

    Over the past four-five months, I’ve felt unsuccessful with my health goals. I gave up on my running and exercising goal (surprise) and apparently, it’s been weighing on me unconsciously. To get out my slump, I tried to replace the abandoned goal. However, I kept listing bigger goals, goals I should do, and bucket-list goals. The result? No goal was pursued and I remained frozen. This is the first lie that perfectionism tells you about goals: Quit if it isn’t perfect. ― Jon Acuff, Finish While pondering my dilemma for a few weeks, I kept noticing and trying to maintain the little streak counter on my Headspace app. The app…

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    How to Put Your Phone in Black and White Mode

    I had forgotten completely about this feature, I was thankfully reminded by Becky Simpson, who is a wonderful illustrator that I follow on Twitter. She was even gracious enough to reply back with the answer. Basic Instructions Settings > general > accessibility > color filters > grayscale Original Conversation on Twitter.

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  • membership site overview
    On Improving

    What is a membership site?

    So in the last post, I jumped right into the benefits of membership sites but perhaps you’re new to the concept of membership sites. Here’s a post to give you an overview of what is a membership site and why it may be to your benefit to join one. So let’s take one step back. A membership site is a members-only site that you either pay a one-time or ongoing subscription for exclusive training and content. I’ve joined a few membership sites over the years. You may have already joined one and not even realized it. They can include closed forums, goal association groups, online classrooms and training, and tracking/project…

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  • membership site
    On Improving

    You Joined a Membership Site, Now What?

    It’s one thing to listen and learn from your favorite author/speaker/podcaster; it’s quite another to join a membership site and make the decisions to actively implementing what is being suggested. Back in November 2016, I joined The Rocking Productivity Academy (RPA), created by podcaster Jeff Sanders. I was very excited and so ready to meet like-minded folks. After 10 months, here’s what I’ve learned so far about getting the most out of a member site. RPA is open this week if you’re looking at joining a productivity site, but the suggestions below can certainly be applied to other membership sites like this one.

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