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    30-Day Paper System Challenge

    If you’re a paper person that can’t seem to embrace electronic planners and task managers, embrace it. Test it out a paper note-taking system for a set period of time instead of fighting to adopt your electronic routine. There couldn’t be a better time than year-end to do a personal challenge and work out the kinks during this holiday season and perhaps even get caught up on those stale tasks. Last week I asked an online Facebook Group that I’m a part of, if they kept digital or paper calendars. A few folks that said both but the majority said paper. It may have been a small sample size but…

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    My Action Notebook

    In the spirit of reflection and change, I created my “Action Notebook.” It’s a letter size blend between a Passion Planner and a Bullet Journal. If you don’t already have a paper note-capturing system, see if this may be for you or could inspire you to create your own. The Notebook. I used a disc-bound notebook because I felt that would be the most flexible in case I wanted small changes along the way. I already one notebook with lined paper and hole puncher that we’re not in used. OfficeDepot a great disc-bound system with hard cover options. At the time of this writing, they even have a limited-edition white…

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    My Conquer List

    This is a list of all the bigger goals that I want to accomplish in life. Some are bigger than others, but they all push me to be a better me. If you are ever feeling a little lifeless or lost, I recommend that you try this exercise. It’s meant to remind you that you do want so much more and that no matter how you feel now, you still have things you want to accomplish. Yes, this list is long and it will change over time, but it started out with a few ideas and inspirations. Check out Jason Ruyon’s Impossible List and Jeff Sander’s Recent Bold Action List.…

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    How to commit to reading a book 30 mins everyday

    How many times have you promised yourself during the first week of any given month, “OK, this month I will start and finish a book?” *Raises hand* Guilty. I would borrow the book from the library and let it collect dust. Or I would buy the book, dive into it that Saturday, only to leave the book somewhere on my bed and then find it 6 months later under the bed. It wasn’t until I got around a great group of folks that were also actively reading that my discipline grew. Not only did I grow more in knowledge but it helped me start a good habit and encouraged me…

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