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Empty Out the Negative by Joel Osteen

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This is a notes pages complied of my personal thoughts from the book and quoted material. Effort has been made to give proper credit to the author. I received complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. #Sponsored by FaithWords.

Informal Summary

Empty Out the Negative encourages you to remove daily your most common negative thoughts—guilt, resentment, doubt, and worry— and how to overcome them. Further, he shares how emptying out the negative gives room for a positive perspective and attitude. Joel shares some methods he personally uses.


Empty Out the Negative is a book to have nearby to combat negative events or thoughts trying to unbalance or unhinge you all together.

Like a close and wise friend, in his latest book, Joel Osteen writes with kindness and hope on negativity. The book is short but packed with stories, encouragement and polite confrontation, persuading you to let go for good all the guilt, shame, and worry that you may be holding on to. And to give kind words, forgiveness, and God a chance to lead you into a more positive life.

For the times when you can’t phone a friend, I’d encourage you to read “Empty Out the Negative” and keep it nearby.


Religion, Christian Life, Personal Growth

Passages & Quotes

  • “Quit looking at it as though you’re doing them a favor. You’re doing yourself a favor, because it takes a lot of emotional energy to hold a grudge, to live with unforgiveness.”
  • “You can’t think weak and have strength. You can’t think not able to and accomplish your dreams. Your life is going to follow your thoughts.”
  • “I had ridden up [the hill] while I was talking, but because I was distracted, not thinking about how hard it was to be not convincing myself that I couldn’t do it, I made it up the hill with no problem.”
  • “We’re dreading things, thinking week, defeated thoughts, when the truth is that we’ve already been equipped to handle it. We have the strength for all things.”
  • “Maybe I’ve trained myself to be cynical and sarcastic rather than kind and loving.”
  • “Life if too short for you to live it sour, discouraged, and letting your circumstances dictate your attitude.”
  • “Sometimes it’s better to leave things alone. The problems is that if you’re always probing around your wounds, your hurts, your disappointments, trying to figure out why, trying to get answers, you’re keeping it stirred up, and you’re never going to heal.”
  • “Abraham left, but as he headed out, he took along his nephew Lot.”
  • Joel peppered the book with many prayers and positive affirmations. They were encouraging to read and questioned how I normally thought in XYZ situation.
  • There were various stories from The Bible that I hadn’t heard of before and other that I enjoyed revisiting from Joel’s perspective. Making a note to review the stories again later.

Author Info

Joel Osteen is a New York Times best-selling author and the senior pastor of one of America’s largest churches, Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. More than 10 million weekly viewers watch his inspirational messages on television and he can be heard on SiriumXM 128 anytime.

He currently resides in Texas. His main website is

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