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    For some reason, I’ve dated my writings ever since I was taught to in grade school. A few years ago, I started including a timestamp as well. When I read my older work, my typical reaction is as follows: a flinch at a typo, a slight head shake if I sound like a novice or a neophyte, and then appreciation at significant improvement. Recognizing progress in one’s skill set can be a boost in confidence, but also a signal that we are capable of more today. The methods below can capture your current state and help show progress of your skills: Save audio recordings (or memos on a phone recorder)…

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    More than Books

    Libraries have adapted wonderfully to the once-thought menacing, Internet. They’re efforts now shine in this odd season, offering patrons helpful resources (of course), but also entertainment. Since libraries offer more online than they can promote, below are some resources traditionally thought as only available by visiting in person. In print, in an app, online, or via online subscriptions: Books Magazines Encyclopedia and references Databases and full-text research Test-prep materials Career development On CD/DVD, in an app, or via streaming: Movies TV shows Music Audiobooks Items in-house, in an app, or online: Puzzles Games Events and services: Story-time reading Ask a librarian This a great time to obtain a library card…

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    Other Distances Created

    Whether we like it or not, social distancing creates more than one type of distancing. Here’s three more: Distance from us and our normal routines. Distance from our to-do list and our bucket list. Distance from yesterday’s priorities and what’s important in our hearts every day. These unintended distances created (size varies) force us to take notice. To notice between who we are and what we do daily. Between what we want to do and what we should do. What we think is important and is important. Once we notice the growing distances in those areas, it’s up to us. We can be sad or regretful. We can do nothing.…

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    Be Calm in the Storm

    In this season, while many things have yet to be determined, we can keep a level-head because today is a gift. And no matter what the future holds, panicked is not a way to live, today or tomorrow. What we can do is learn from what we feel right now, understand why we feel that way, and then make the rational adjustments needed so we can be in a calmer state now, and when the next storm arrives. Because the only constant is change — and that we can choose our reaction. We will not always be valiant during every storm; we’re human. But we can set things in place…

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    The Finish Calendar is My Biggest Productivity Tool

    This calendar measures 25” x 36” inches (63.5″ x 91.44″ cm) so it’s, in fact, the biggest productivity tool I own. Every year, I try numerous tools to improve my regimen and writing output. This year, two items seem to be making a significant difference. The first is John Acuff’s Finish Calendar. Why I bought it It took me a year before I finally decided to try it. Acuff has used it for years and he says works for him. The calendar was aesthetically pleasing enough to put on my wall. Gave up on my other calendars. Acuff was right. (For some reason, he strikes me as someone I would…

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