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    More than Books

    Libraries have adapted wonderfully to the once-thought menacing, Internet. They’re efforts now shine in this odd season, offering patrons helpful resources (of course), but also entertainment. Since libraries offer more online than they can promote, below are some resources traditionally thought as only available by visiting in person. In print, in an app, online, or via online subscriptions: Books Magazines Encyclopedia and references Databases and full-text research Test-prep materials Career development On CD/DVD, in an app, or via streaming: Movies TV shows Music Audiobooks Items in-house, in an app, or online: Puzzles Games Events and services: Story-time reading Ask a librarian This a great time to obtain a library card…

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    Evernote for Gmail is Here

    Evernote for Gmail • web • mobile (iOS and Android) For the note-sharing enthusiasts, I’m positive the new Evernote for Gmail add-on is a sweet melody to your ears. This new add-on should make saving and sharing notes more efficient. I’ll post an initial and a 30-day review accordingly but for now, here are the basics. The Evernote for Gmail add-on allows user to save important emails to Evernote, and easily share notes via email—all from one place. Evernote for Gmail is available on the web, iOS, and Android. Overview Video Try Evernote for Gmail See the initial instructions below to get started. Full instructions can be found in…

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  • Grammarly

    3 Additional Free Resources from Grammarly

    In addition to the powerful browser extension for editing, Grammarly also has three additional free resources that should be in your bookmarks, especially if you are a new writer look to develop your skills. To read about the actual Grammarly browser extension and features offered, check out my initial review. With that, here are the three additional resources: The Handbook. Use their simple guide to English basics whenever you’re in doubt of the basics. The guide covers grammar, punctuation, mechanics, technique, and style. The Grammar Check webpage. Perfect for the times you are not working on your own personal computer or cannot install Grammarly. Go to the webpage version and…

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    Improved My Days With Wireless Headphones

    Have you ever bought something that turned into a staple, like a purse or a watch? A sample item that you never leave the house without? I’m not talking about keys or phones, but I am talking about something useful and small. For me that was my JBL Wires-less headphones. I’m so excited to share about these headphones that have become my trusty companions. I take them everywhere. Here’s some typical internal excuses that I would make: It’s so noisy at work and I can’t concentrate. I don’t like to run because my headphones always fall out. I don’t listen to training or podcasts because I don’t have time. I…

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    Getting Started with CleanMyMac 3 Tutorial

    If you’re looking for a simple maintenance program for your mac, I urge you to check out, CleanMyMac 3. It’s a simple software program that really only takes a few minutes to install and a few minutes a month to keep your mac running smoothly. I have created an intro video that I would like to share with you. Under the tools page, you’ll find the link to download it so you can follow along. It comes with a FREE trial to get started. Let me know what you think in the comments. Let me know if there are any issues and contact the CleanMyMac3 support team. I will do…

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