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Sprint into your new writing habit

Novel writing month is over but no fear! I’m checking out a few apps that help encourage writing. Sprinter is a great tool to create the habit of brainstorming or timed writing exercises. It’s has a very simple display to avoid distractions.

Name: Sprinter.com
Company: Freewrite
Last Updated: N/A
Category: Writing Tool
Listed Price: Free!
Your personal rating: 4 of 5
Available: Web and on Freewrite

The timer on the right side is simple and not distracting. It creates a sense of urgency to complete the text document in a few minutes. It’s not easy to go back and format the text or select certain portions and delete. Once saved, the file can be downloaded.

I’m currently using it as a way to brainstorm writing on a semi-daily basis. Once my session is complete and saved, I forward it to my Scrivener.

I’ve also used it to do a “brain dump,” workout emails I need to send and once, to problem solve by typing out the possible scenarios and seeing them physically in front of me.

Sprinter is a website that uploads any content and syncs effortlessly to an account once created. Its original intent was an added feature for Freewrite, a writing machine. Freewrite is offline, can be uncharged for days, has e-ink technology so that it doesn’t hurt your eye.

Check out a recorded demo on Loom, click below. (no sound)

Question: What’s your favorite way you encourage yourself to write or think creatively. What do you think? What do you think of the website?

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