Would I recommend you to join a membership site?

We can all use a little accountability from time to time. Let me share how I ended up joining the membership site, Rocking Productivity Academy. This time last year I was wondering if I had what it took to get anything crossed off my new years’ checklist.

I had three vague goals: post more often on my website, exercise consistently and read one book a month.

It was October 2016 and I had made progress on the last two goals. I had barely touched my website all year. It wasn’t being addressed because I was lacking skill, but rather because I kept letting perfection get in the way. I was too indecisive about the content calendar and little action.

What happens when we’re overwhelmed? We do nothing.

After I signed up for Jeff’s group, I put some skin in the game and set a goal to accomplish: Finish setting up my website and post consistently for a month. That was it.

The goal was achievable but required some dedicated work. The membership group cheered me on. Knowing there was a group of folks that I might share my goals and results was enough to make me accountable.

Long story short, I wrapped up my goal and submitted my website to a contest and ended up as a finalist in the Dreamiest Awards. Score.

So after sharing my story, would I recommend the same experience to you?

Absolutely, IF

  • You have already a developed skill but would like to hit an ambitious goal.
  • You’re comfortable working alone but sharing in a group.
  • You plan to follow through the whole program and execute a least 1 item per week.
  • You plan or can schedule some time to go through content, like on weekends.
  • You have actual goals you’re stuck with.

Yeah, try it out, IF

  • You’re not sure, but you still have an actual goal you need help with.
  • You plan to follow through the whole program, even if you fall behind for a couple of months.
  • You’ve taken a college online course before and did well enough.

No, IF

  • You aren’t open to at least reading or going through the content in pieces.
  • You’re looking for an easy solution. Course break things down into simple action steps, but there’s still plenty of action steps.
  • You avidly claim to be a computer person and the idea of listening to presentations is not remotely interesting to you.
  • You need constant interactions with the community group.
  • You need or strongly prefer to have an in-person accountability partner in place of a community group.

I’m thankful that there’s memberships out there like this one. This specific group was beneficial for me because it was virtual, flexible with time, and just enough accountability. There are many out there, but as far as productivity I do recommend Jeff Sander’s Rocking Productivity Academy. Whether you choose to join one or not, consider drawing a line in the sand and pursue whatever personal goal you still have pending for this year.

Question: What personal goal do you have yet to complete this year? Have you recently reset a goal?

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