Improved My Days With Wireless Headphones

Have you ever bought something that turned into a staple, like a purse or a watch? A sample item that you never leave the house without? I’m not talking about keys or phones, but I am talking about something useful and small.

For me that was my JBL Wires-less headphones. I’m so excited to share about these headphones that have become my trusty companions. I take them everywhere.

Here’s some typical internal excuses that I would make:

  • It’s so noisy at work and I can’t concentrate.
  • I don’t like to run because my headphones always fall out.
  • I don’t listen to training or podcasts because I don’t have time.
  • I promise to listen to that audiobook next week.
  • Chores take too much time and I can’t multi-task.
  • I can’t answer a quick call on the phone while driving.

Without a long cable, headphones really become a great small tool to have around.

My JBL headphones connect easily to my phone or laptop. I can walk around doing chores and still listen to an audio book or music without blasting the audio. And I can go out for runs without the annoyance of loosing pace because I hit the cable again.

Wether it’s these or anyone other one, I highly recommend you invest in headphones if your serious about your workouts, learning, or saving time.

I’ll be posting an unboxing video afterwards.

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