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    Clean Bathroom Goals

    Question – With the three-day weekend coming, are you also trying to clean up and clean out your entire home?! Personally, it helps me relax to just get it all done so I’m not cleaning all weekend. Not think about a dirty pile of dishes to come home to when I come back from break is probably the best part of being proactive. 🗓 📦 🤹‍♂️ But seriously, I use great, natural, award-winning cleaning products that make my cleaning a breeze. Or at least not take as long. Now, if they did all the cleaning for me. Ok, I’m off to get some cleaning down before the weekend starts! 🚿…

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    A Morning with Few Decisions

    One of the main things I’m learning this year is how one time decisions and creating routines can make or break you. I recently heard a podcast from Craig Groeschel which explained the power of making a decision one time. Although I was already applying this to my morning routine, I didn’t notice that I’ve been shaving off about an hour every day from my mornings. I just knew that I needed to set a couple things up so that I wouldn’t have to make too many decision during the initial morning grogginess. Below are just a few of the routines that I have come to set up for work:…

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    It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

    I stumbled on a YouTube Video about minimalism and the KonMari Method. A few instructional videos later on how to fold my laundry, and a pile of pants were on my bed waiting to be turned into little rectangle standing solders. Now a lot of folks have read Marie Kondo’s books cover to cover, attended her presentations, or follow her on social media. Myself, none of the above. However, I did watch about 10 videos of her de-cluterring method and folding laundry. That was enough for me to give her method a try.

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    Can you get rid of 5 things today?

    I’ve been working on decluttering and heading towards a more minimalist lifestyle. No, my apartment is not stark white and empty (yet) but I am looking forward to the day were my piles of items/paper are a thing of the past. *models like Vanna White the empty glass desk in front me* Just kidding, I don’t have a glass desk. I would probably run into it. For now, I’ve made it a mission to get rid of 1 to 5 things on a weekly basis, with the goal of turning it into a daily habit. Whatever doesn’t have a place, isn’t useful, and I don’t love, it’s gone. Why? Because for me,…

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