At Home

It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

I stumbled on a YouTube Video about minimalism and the KonMari Method. A few instructional videos later on how to fold my laundry, and a pile of pants were on my bed waiting to be turned into little rectangle standing solders.

Now a lot of folks have read Marie Kondo’s books cover to cover, attended her presentations, or follow her on social media. Myself, none of the above. However, I did watch about 10 videos of her de-cluterring method and folding laundry. That was enough for me to give her method a try.

My apartment is not complete, but I’m satisfied with my current set of clothes. I got rid of items that I never wore and only kept those that brought joy. I’m slowly moving into other areas including my car, and kitchen.

My folding isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t matter. I saw a solution and implemented. I’m always missing ‘that shirt” I was going to wear. So far I’m happy with this simple but efficient change. If you wait understand you understand everything, you will never start. Perhaps it’s just me, but the more I know, the more questions arise.

Question for you: Is there something that you have been holding back on? Are you able to take the first step today?

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