Review: Grammarly, checks for common and advanced writing issues

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This is an initial review (or a notes page) on the app. A separate post will discuss premium features and additional resources provided by Grammarly.


Grammarly is a grammar and spell check product meant for everyday writing. The AI-app reviews the text provided for hundreds of common and advance writing issues and can even personalize the corrections based on content type.


Grammarly is the writing assistant you wish to have that checks your work and explains the suggested changes. Almost two years ago, I added the Grammarly extension to my browser and haven’t looked back since.

I recommend signing up for a free account to save your edited work across your devices. You can also receive a weekly email update that summarizes your achievements (and mistakes).

Browser extension. The browser extension works seamlessly with all major sites, e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, etc., and I highly recommend it if you are writing to promote yourself or a business online.

Android App. The Android app is a custom keyboard option for the mobile phone. The app works all your other apps and checks spelling accurately with great suggestions, like adding a comma to a winded text. However, I do notice a bit of a lag when texting or emailing quickly. If you are pretty good at spelling and mostly send short messages, you may be able to do without the phone app.

Grammarly for MSOffice. I specifically use the Outlook add-on as it catches mistakes in my emails even after I’ve written and edited the draft in Microsoft Word first. I do notice a bit of lag when I start writing a long email directly in Outlook, but I believe this is also because I have additional add-ons in Outlook.

MacOS App. The MacOS software seems to be a convenient version of the Grammarly Editor. With the app, I no longer need a dedicated browser tab for the web editor and can fully focus on my writing.

For example, I check my work with the built-in Spelling and Grammar in Scrivener, but once I’m ready for a second proof, I drag my document over the Grammarly app icon and begin.

Let me know on Twitter @TracyAltheide if you decide to give Grammarly a shot and if it improves your writing.


Writing, Editing. Compatible with all browsers, mobile platforms, and Windows/MacOS.


Grammarly is headquartered in San Francisco, CA., USA. The main website is

Free • Premium • MS • Outlook • Android





Easy to Use





  • Advance writing review
  • Compatible on all platforms
  • Easy for beginnners


  • Mobile app lags at times
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