• excellence in the ordinary

    Excellence in the ordinary

    I listened to a great story and lesson today from an experienced speaker. He was about to share the stage with a pastor he admired tremendously. The pastor asked him, “Do you know why most young pastors fail at speaking, at being great orators?” He didn’t know the answer. “Because it becomes humdrum to them [the young pastors]. They don’t spend the time that they would spend as if they were speaking to a stadium, as if they were speaking to 10 million people on the radio and they don’t have that excellence in the ordinary.” The experienced speaker further shared about what he learned from that.  “Now I’m not sure…

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    Other Distances Created

    Whether we like it or not, social distancing creates more than one type of distancing. Here’s three more: Distance from us and our normal routines. Distance from our to-do list and our bucket list. Distance from yesterday’s priorities and what’s important in our hearts every day. These unintended distances created (size varies) force us to take notice. To notice between who we are and what we do daily. Between what we want to do and what we should do. What we think is important and is important. Once we notice the growing distances in those areas, it’s up to us. We can be sad or regretful. We can do nothing.…

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