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    The Best Professional Purchase I Made Last Year

    I’m a regular listener of the Manager Tools podcast. I found the podcast about four years ago and have benefitted greatly from their knowledge in the professional sector. I’d like to think of Mark and Mike as two mentors that tell me what the professional setting is really all about. If you’ve been the professional field for a number a years, you may find some of their content as basic, or a great refresher. If you’re still in an entry-level position and/or looking to do a career change, this is by far the best podcast that I can recommend.  

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    Getting Derailed at Work?

    This post comes from feedback that I received from a new reader. This reader mentioned briefly that they get derailed at the office because so many things come up. Granted, there’s still a lot to find out from this short conversation but I could relate to her because I’ve been there myself for far too long. My mind immediately started to rattle off so many ideas to help. Here are 5 actionable tips that I can give right away to anybody that’s currently struggling with getting derailed or sidetracked at the office:

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    7 ways to use sticky notes productively at work

    As I was wrapping up the first quarter at my work, I couldn’t help but notice how overwhelmed I was feeling the last few days. Well, once I looked down between my monitor and keyboard it was clear why. A puddle of colorful sticky notes, going in different directions had developed. Constant interruptions, little tasks here and there I thought I could do “quickly later” had piled up. Luckily, after taking a step back, not only did I implement new simple techniques, but was able to improve only ones already in place.

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