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The Best Professional Purchase I Made Last Year

I’m a regular listener of the Manager Tools podcast. I found the podcast about four years ago and have benefitted greatly from their knowledge in the professional sector. I’d like to think of Mark and Mike as two mentors that tell me what the professional setting is really all about.

If you’ve been the professional field for a number a years, you may find some of their content as basic, or a great refresher. If you’re still in an entry-level position and/or looking to do a career change, this is by far the best podcast that I can recommend.

In fact, they have a great First Job Fundamentals Training. It covers the basics in detail. Often times, an in depth review of the basics can refresh or point out bad habits developed over time if at the same position for a number of years.
Manager Tools has about 10+ years worth of content and they even have a separate podcast called Career Tools. I’ve listened to many of their podcasts and still re-listen to many of their podcasts today. If you check out the Map of the Universe, put a timer on for 10 minutes because once you see just how much content they have about a specific topic, you’ll get lost and want to binge on all the podcasts.
When I want to enhance an area of my career, this is usually my first stop. I’ll be diving into their podcasts in a few blog posts further down the road, highlighting the episodes that brought a new perspective to my career. Off the cuff, below are a few episodes from both podcasts that I’ve always enjoyed.
Manager Tools:

Career Tools:

Question: How do you work on your career development? Do you have a career podcast?

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