How I found my phone at 10PM on the street

We went to a birthday party. I lost my phone. Sound familiar? There was no booze in this story. *WHAT?*

I want to share with you a great benefit to having an android and a google account. Now, if you haven’t lost your phone lately, you probably wouldn’t run into this solution. You may have used an app from your computer that you installed on your phone.

Here’s the simple method I used.  A more in-depth article can be found on How-To-Geek.

Step 1: Type into Google Search Where is my phone. I recommend using the computer or mobile browser that you normally use if it always has you logged in to your Google account, e.g. Chrome.


Step 2: Sign into your Google account in order for it to verify you to the phone. I also noticed that in the password field, the password was not automatically filled in using Chrome’s password autofill. So you may need to go and look up your password if you don’t know it by memory. Let me know if you have the same experience.

Step 3: Check the map of where the tracker says your phone is. Go there.


TIP: Don’t blow up your phone by calling it 20+ times or texting it or making it ring for a long period of time. Remember that it’s a lot harder to find your phone if the battery is dead. You want to remain calm so you can locate quickly and not attract attention to it if it’s in a public place.

So where was it?!
On the street, a few feet away from where I parked. I had put it on the top of the car.
It’s the suburbs y’all, so it was still there. Prior to this, I used Tiled. Future blog post on Tile.

Question: What do you use to locate your phone?

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