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    3 Additional Free Resources from Grammarly

    In addition to the powerful browser extension for editing, Grammarly also has three additional free resources that should be in your bookmarks, especially if you are a new writer look to develop your skills. To read about the actual Grammarly browser extension and features offered, check out my initial review. With that, here are the three additional resources: The Handbook. Use their simple guide to English basics whenever you’re in doubt of the basics. The guide covers grammar, punctuation, mechanics, technique, and style. The Grammar Check webpage. Perfect for the times you are not working on your own personal computer or cannot install Grammarly. Go to the webpage version and…

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    Review: Grammarly, checks for common and advanced writing issues

    Free • Premium • MacOS • Windows MS • Android This is an initial review (or a notes page) on the app. A separate post will discuss premium features and additional resources provided by Grammarly. INFORMAL SUMMARY Grammarly is a grammar and spell check product meant for everyday writing. The AI-app reviews the text provided for hundreds of common and advance writing issues and can even personalize the corrections based on content type. REVIEW Grammarly is the writing assistant you wish to have that checks your work and explains the suggested changes. Almost two years ago, I added the Grammarly extension to my browser and haven’t looked back since. I…

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  • Bookcover-FreetoFocus
    Book Notes

    Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

    Audiobook • eBook • Printed • Library Catalog This is a notes pages complied of my personal thoughts from the book and quoted material. Effort has been made to give proper credit to the author. Informal Summary Free to Focus takes you from defensive to offense with your tasks and commitments at the office. Further, it makes a strong case why unplugging from work is important and should be intentional. The system is comprised from Michael Hyatt’s years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience.

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    On Improving,  Observations

    One Small Goal to Restart

    Over the past four-five months, I’ve felt unsuccessful with my health goals. I gave up on my running and exercising goal (surprise) and apparently, it’s been weighing on me unconsciously. To get out my slump, I tried to replace the abandoned goal. However, I kept listing bigger goals, goals I should do, and bucket-list goals. The result? No goal was pursued and I remained frozen. This is the first lie that perfectionism tells you about goals: Quit if it isn’t perfect. ― Jon Acuff, Finish While pondering my dilemma for a few weeks, I kept noticing and trying to maintain the little streak counter on my Headspace app. The app…

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  • At Home

    Clean Bathroom Goals

    Question – With the three-day weekend coming, are you also trying to clean up and clean out your entire home?! Personally, it helps me relax to just get it all done so I’m not cleaning all weekend. Not think about a dirty pile of dishes to come home to when I come back from break is probably the best part of being proactive. 🗓 📦 🤹‍♂️ But seriously, I use great, natural, award-winning cleaning products that make my cleaning a breeze. Or at least not take as long. Now, if they did all the cleaning for me. Ok, I’m off to get some cleaning down before the weekend starts! 🚿…

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