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    Dear Diary, Day 05

    Spent the majority of my day debating whether or not to renew my hosting subscription. It’s a great deal, with a lot of services attached. And yet, I barely use any of them. It’s kind of like having cable with networks, except I have to create my own shows. So after I was done feeling guilty, I renewed my hosting subscription and my blogging vows. $100 dollars for 12 months, not bad. I also received a good amount of coupons and discounts with my purchase. Most coupons were regarding online website designs, and one to a fast food restaurant. LOL Now, to put content up. But first, I need to…

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  • Subbie

    Dear Diary, Day 01

    So I started to write a post again today. And I got two sentences down. Eh. I feel like I had more in me. Where are my writing juices from long ago? …. Juices?? Where is my writing spirit, my passion for the word and getting my message across the globe? And yet, here I am; starting a dairy because I need inspiration for writing a blog. I bought the hosting, I have a rough draft of my “about me” page, and my social media handles are lined up. Now, to buy a domain. You’ve just finished reading another diary entry of Subbie. If you can relate or like the story, leave…

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