Dear Diary, Day 03

I don’t like domain return policies.
I’m now stuck with this
That’s the 3rd domain I’ve bought this year.
I’m not listing them here because they’re still inactive and I don’t really want them.

I have to stop waiting for the current owner of my domain name to crack.

She keeps ignoring my emails but seems to be doing well with her water bottles.
I could have been famous. That could have been my domain.

People could be buying water bottles from me!

Well, no matter. This ship moves forward.
*Pretends to put a captain’s hat on, tilts her her up and to the right, and squints up*
I will write multiple blog posts and follow an editorial calendar.
500 words a day, nothing less.
I should create a template and look at some writing styles for inspiration.
Tomorrow is going to be a big day.

*Goes to look at a few posts from bloggers she follows; spends the next hour catching up on her RSS feed.*



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