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It’s Ok to Change Your Plans

I recently I started a new job. And with that, came the stress of “being new.” I had a general rough draft of my blog calendar and in a few weeks it went out the door.  This time however, it was different. Sure I was a little sad, but I didn’t feel like a failure. I felt I made the best choice for my long term goals.

Here’s the steps I took and you can make as well next time your have a personal project change:

It doesn’t mean you’re done/ you’ve quit. There’s times when you must recognized when it makes sense to put on hold and other times when you need to push through.

Make the decision to take a break. There’s a difference between saying, “Ok, we need to change plans,” and just disappearing. I have learned the hard way that just leaving because you feel like you may have failed is not your announcement. You need to say something. Don’t assume your readers/customers know, “she’s just taking a break.” For all they know, you could have closed shop and if they didn’t move on already, are getting anxious.

Reflect on what happened and what improvements can be made. Think about why things didn’t work as planned and then from that, problem solve to develop your new plan.

Test. Don’t be afraid to make significant changes if it calls for it. Just let your readers/customers know a head a time.

Increase or decrease speed. For me, slowly but and creating less posts but on a more consistent schedule. For others, it may mean speeding up, diving into their project head first during their vacation.

Looking forward to 2017.

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