Dear Consistent Coffee Couple

Although we’ve never personally met, I feel like I appreciate you from a far. You are the lovely couple that walks every morning to get, what I can only assume is a coffee at the local shop. It may be tea or hot chocolate, but every morning, around the same time, there you go.

I want to share my appreciation for your consistency as another commuter friend sharing in the morning routine. Keep on enjoying your morning walks.

–I used to be so focused on myself and getting “the day started” that I didn’t notice this couple until earlier this summer. But that’s the funny thing. If we just take a one moment or two, we can learn to appreciate the little things in our lives that make our days interesting. Or even better, we can start to see the people around us and dare I say, interact with one another. Say hello or good morning.–

P.S. I’ve learned to say good morning to the early birds at the gym. It still throws some people off. I do it anyway because it sends off good vibes.

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