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My first rapid pick up

I was cleaning out some paperwork (as usual) and I came across a folded piece of paper. It was a print out of a rapid pick up order at a local Panera. May 2015….

Then I remembered. This was the first time that I placed a “rapid pick up order”, so I printed out my pick up confirmation just in case anyone questioned me or needed to see some kind of proof of purchase.

You there, with the Bambi look… your lunch is here. Can I see your confirmation?

Hello, can we see your confirmation before we release your meal to you?

Sure thing ma’am, may I see your confirmation?

It’s pretty silly to imagine, huh? Now, confidently I walk into a Panera, snatch my lunch, leave with a “yes!” *downward victory hand motion* and quietly proclaim, “In and out the door like nothing.” Yes, I do this every time. Every time.

The lesson: Realize that things you don’t think twice about are not common knowledge and if you stink at something at first or are really nervous, relax. One day you will recall, read, or revisit your first attempt and see how far you’ve come.

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