• three ways

    There’s another way

    To this day, I remember my first computer/typing class lesson in middle school. There’s three ways to do everything (on the computer), she said and proved her statement. While I already used a computer (clumsily), the concept of multiple ways intentionally built-in computers to complete one action was baffling. Why do we need more than one way? If one way is correct, and it does the job, then why do we need to learn the other ways? And if there’s more than one way to do something on the computer, maybe — there’s more than one way to do things in “the real world.” This idea has stuck with me. While…

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  • pattern change

    How are we spending our time so far?

    We can all agree April 2020 has been one of change, and the creeping of new norms/patterns as we adapt. Sill, if we don’t step back to check if the new patterns are positive or adjust them, we can adapt a rhythm that can drift us into an unhealthy/unfulfilling path. A clinical psychologist shares his insight on this from recent conversations over the last few weeks (during this COVID-19 season). What’s happened in this lockdown, people have got into some routines that can actually go not so well. And I’ve talked to a number of people that have been lethargic, kind of waiting instead of thinking about, “What routines and patterns…

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