My 2008 MacBook was very slow and the applications would start to freeze up. I installed this and very quickly learned that I hadn’t been performing regular cleaning. Now, I run the program monthly on my new (gifted 2008) MacBook. I’ll have a few guides about this program soon. Great buy.

(Update: the old MacBook had an accident, but ran great until it’s last day.)

  Focus@will is a new music service based on human neuroscience.


Focus@Will is a music service that has become a staple in my work process. It offers various channels and a short recommend quiz to determine what genre works best. Anytime I need to write or complete tasks that require concentration, I open my app (or browser) and push play.


This app is great for being that one notebook to jot everything down. You may have already heard about it time and again, but it’s a great simple notes app available on all platforms. The best part is that it loads really quickly on the phone. I tried using OneNote from Microsoft and really did like all the features, but it’s I’m looking to quickly store and jot down, Evernote wins hands down.



Grammarly is that second pair of eyes before you hit Send. For me, it has caught some embarrassing typos and it controls my comma addiction. I have it installed on my browsers.


Being a pen and paper person transitioning to digital, Nozbe has been a great addition. Not only is it available on all platforms, Nozbe follows the GTD system by David Allen. Without, I end up scattering my notes and tasks on my phone across too many apps. I use it with my calendar and will be posting a few articles on it soon.

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